Over the next 20 years, individuals and families in Warren County will leave close to $1.75 billion to their children, grandchildren, and relatives through their estates. Much of this wealth is currently invested in family and vacation homes, retirement accounts, and other appreciated assets – some of which may be heavily taxed if passed on to heirs.

If everyone – including you – leaves just 5% of their estate to the Community Foundation of Warren County, we can improve the future of Warren County.

When you give through the Community Foundation, you can establish a Fund in your family name, in the name of a loved one, or in the name of a cause that’s important to you. The Fund you establish will last forever and grow over time. Earnings are used to make grants from your Fund – insuring your legacy of giving in and for Warren County.

Just 5% — A Small Amount That Would Do So Much
If all Warren County residents left 5% of their estate to the Community Foundation, it would result in nearly $87 million in charitable gifts over the next 20 years. That would yield more than $4 million annually for our non-profit organizations as well as the people and communities they serve.

What Would That Mean for Our Community?
All of our non-profits — large and small — would benefit from your generosity, as would each and every person in every community in Warren County.

It Is Easy To Give
In this booklet we outlined ways for you to consider establishing a Fund at the Community Foundation through estate planning. We will be happy to work with you but ultimately the choice is yours.

Change the Future
We recommend working with an attorney and a financial advisor as you plan for the future. We are providing a list of attorneys who are experienced in estate planning and are familiar with the Community Foundation of Warren County. These individuals have agreed to be on this list; however, the Community Foundation does not endorse any attorney.

Take the first step…Call us at (814) 726-9553, Visit us at 310 Second Avenue in Warren, email us at cfwc@westpa.net

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